Sustainability in academic education

LUT educates researchers, tomorrow's problem-solvers and decision-makers who think sustainably. All new students receive an introduction to LUT's environmentally responsible thinking and research.  

We strive to include sustainable development themes in the learning outcomes of all our bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programmes. This topic has been taken into account in 72% of our degree programmes in 2019 - 2020.  

Examples of technology degree programmes with a focus on the sustainability theme:  

Sustainable business is a part of all degree programmes at LUT School of Business and Management. Teaching at LUT School of Business and Management focuses on factors leading to sustainable value creation, in other words, how companies can succeed in international competition and simultaneously operate in an ethical and ecologically responsible manner.  

LUT School of Business and Management has committed to the UN's Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) programme, the aim of which is to link sustainable and internationally recognised values to teaching and research in business and management.

Graduate surveys indicate that LUT graduates have significantly increased their sustainable development competences as a result of studies completed at LUT. For example, in a national university comparison of students who had completed a Master of Science in Technology degree, LUT graduates showed the most improvement in their sustainable development competences (results). In addition, in a survey conducted by the Finnish Business School Graduates, LUT's business graduates gave a more positive estimate of their ethical and sustainable development competences than graduates from other business schools.

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