Sustainability policy and reports 

Our sustainability policy, enshrined in the Sustainability Management System, states that responsibility and sustainability guide our strategic choices. Our environmental goals are summarised in the sustainable development action plan, which is the foundation for evaluating and developing our operations.

LUT is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as evidenced by the Rector's signatory in SDG Accord. As a part of the Universities Finland UNIFI, LUT is committed to the common theses of sustainable development and responsibility of Finnish universities.

LUT is involved in UN Global Compact – the world's largest corporate responsibility initiative. In June 2021, LUT joined to a global Race To Zero campaign.

The quality system ensures that we operate in a systematic and transparent way while continuously evaluating and improving our activities. The university's quality management system was approved in an external audit performed by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) in 2015. The audit is valid for six years, until April 2021.   

In its guidelines on openness, LUT University commits to observe good scientific practice and the aims and principles of open science and research. Information about Data Protection here and about Accessibility here.

Our Code of Conduct ensures responsible conduct in all decisions within the authority of LUT or its employees. The Code of Conduct assures that every member of our academic community has equal opportunities to act. The university has signed Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development. 

The Equality Plan promotes equality and strives to prevent and eliminate discrimination. All members of our working and study community must be treated with respect.

LUT University supported the first Pride week in Lappeenranta, Finland in 2019.

LUT has committed to the European Charter for Researchers and the European Commission's principles of good human resources policy and the continuous development of our research environment. LUT has been granted the HR Excellence in Research quality label in recognition of this fact. 

Reports on sustainability

LUT reports on the achievement of its sustainability goals for operations in relation to the targets that were set. LUT School of Business and Management also reports on its activities in accordance with the UN's Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). 

LUT University's reports on sustainability: 

LUT School of Business and Management's PRME reports on sustainability: 

Sustainability extends to all our stakeholder cooperation, so LUT also requires sustainable operations and transparent reporting from our partners. For example, our goals for the facilities, functions and energy efficiency at the Lappeenranta and Lahti campuses are shared with the property operators, University Properties of Finland (SYK) and Isku Center. LUT began operating in the new, energy-efficient Lahti campus in August 2019. 

LUT & 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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