Interlibrary lending services

Interlibrary lending services enable customers to borrow titles and receive copies from other libraries. Titles not stocked in the collections of LUT Academic Library can be ordered for customers from other libraries as originals or copies. LUT Academic Library also supplies titles to other libraries upon request.

Course books, manuals, journals, and books belonging to departments are not available for interlibrary loan.

The interlibrary lending service is subject to a fee. The charges for interlibrary lending services can be checked on the price list for LUT Academic Library. The interlibrary loan charges need to be paid using a payment card at the library's customer service desk when collecting an interlibrary loan in Lappeeranta. Interlibrary loan charges are paid online via Primo search service when the collecting an interlibrary loan is Lahti. Interlibrary requests can be made by completing the form or by sending e-mail.

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