Loan renewals and returns

Titles borrowed from Lappeenranta Academic Library must be returned or the loan renewed by the return date. The customer is responsible for borrowed titles.

Customers can check the return dates and renew loans on the Finna Search Services by logging in to their customer account. LUT's and Saimia's students log in to their own organisation's Finna (Haka login, username and password). Other library customers log in as per the instructions given on the page using their library card number and password. Give your last name as password, if you have not previously set a PIN code.

Alternatively, loans can be renewed at the Academic Library customer service desk, by email or by telephone. A loan can be renewed if the title has not been reserved by another customer.

Loans can be returned to the library's offices during library opening hours. Whenever Skinnarila campus library is closed, loans can be returned to the return box situated just next to the library entrance. Whenever the university main entrance is locked, the library return box can be accessed with a LUT's grey plastic key only.

Whenever Linnala campus library is closed, loans can be returned to the return box situated just next to the library's check-out automat. Whenever the front door of Linnala building is closed, loans can be returned to the outdoor letterbox of Saimia UAS. The letterbox is situated on the right side of the front door.

It's also possible to post loans to Lappeenranta Academic Library. (The library customer is responsible for costs and the potential vanishing of the mail).

Loans that are returned or renewed late are subject to fines. The fines for late returns can be checked on the library's price list. The fines need to be paid at the library's customer service desk using a payment card or online payment in Finna.

For further information: or tel. +358 (0)40 159 4941.