ArtIST aims to develop and modernize STE(A)M subjects in multidisciplinary programmes (business, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship). The project is focusing on reforming educational systems in partner institutes to ensure that graduates have all necessary skills and knowledge (not convervent or divergent but both) to successfully enter the labor market - Skills of the Future. It also aims to design and implement an innovative interdisciplinary module "Integrated Interdisciplinary Education Module on Art, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Science (ArtIST)" that will include arts, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and business disciplines and will be validated and integrated into masters programs in the partner universities. This innovative module as a mix of arts and technology hard and soft skills accompanied with entrepreneurial and business training. The module will be based on creativity techniques, design driven methods, and modern IoT and ICT tools in the teaching and learning practices

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LUT Kouvola

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