Doctoral Programme in Business and Management

The Doctoral Programme in Business and Management offers a possibility to study and conduct research leading to a doctoral degree in the following research fields of doctoral education:

The doctoral programme belongs to LUT School of Business and Management, the research of which focuses on sustainable competitiveness, innovation activities and software engineering.

The objective of research is to form a better understanding of the factors that lead to sustainable value creation, i.e. approaches that will ensure that companies are successful in international competition and, at the same time, operate in a way that is economically, ecologically and socially sustainable.

Research is conducted in international and national interorganisational research groups and in close cooperation with companies. In addition to companies, other actors that provide funding for research include the Academy of Finland, the EU and Tekes.

More information on research:

A doctoral degree, i.e. D.Sc. (Technology)/D.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration)/Doctor of Philosophy, includes doctoral studies (40 ECTS credits) and research leading to writing 4-5 publications and a dissertation that has to be defended publicly. During doctoral education, the student acquires in-depth knowledge of the research field in question in order to be able to apply scientific research methods and generate new scientific knowledge independently.

The doctoral programme enables graduates to become professional researchers in the academic sector and to work in demanding expert and developmental tasks in companies and public sector organizations.

Further information

Professor Janne Huiskonen
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