AMBI – Analytics-Based Management for Business and Manufacturing Industry

Our research focuses on smart technologies in the manufacturing industry, digital transformation and business analytics. With our help companies can improve their competitiveness and create sustainable value in the digital economy.

The AMBI platform combines research in modern manufacturing technologies, manufacturing and production business models, and analytics-based decision-making. With empirical and model-based studies, we help companies to understand the drivers of value creation and sustainable business in the digital economy.

Our research results in advanced design, manufacturing and processing methods, based on the latest knowledge on e.g. digital twins and additive manufacturing. An empirical, model-based research approach to business models helps businesses thrive in complex market environments. We also create smarter decision-making tools, based on experimental behavioral research and real-world data.

AMBI – Platform directors and research group leaders

  • Director:
    • Professor Pasi Luukka (LBM, Finance and Business Analytics)
  • Co-director:
    • Professor Veli Matti Virolainen (LBM, Supply Management)
  • Group leader:
    • Head of Laser Laboratory, Dr. (Tech.) Ilkka Poutiainen, Manufacturing Technology (LES, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Group leader:
    • Professor Veli Matti Virolainen, Manufacturing Business Models (LBM, Supply Management)
  • Group leader:
    • Professor Pasi Luukka, Analytics and Decision Making (LBM, Finance and Business Analytics)

Contact Us

Pasi Luukka
Professor of LBM, Finance and Business Analytics

+358 50 323 8932
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Veli Matti Virolainen
Professor of LBM, Supply Management

+358 40 541 1862
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