Laboratory of Applied Electronics

The Laboratory of Applied Electronics is the workplace of a couple dozen people. The staff includes researchers and teachers with doctorate degrees, about ten post-graduate students and a variable number of research assistants and teachers paid by the hour, depending on the project situation.

We carry out research collaboration with several international companies and organisations. In our teaching, we aim to attain best results by using versatile teaching methods, working in our teaching laboratory with tangible components and devices, and by investing time in personal guidance.

Our recent research themes include electronics solutions for wind and solar energy, power and control electronics for electric vehicles, sensor modelling and an amplifier design for a biometric sensor, the design of the instrumentation electronics of a heat flux sensor, the development of the electronics for a fuel cell system, and the development of sensoring for a welding machine.

Project Learning is Led by Electronics Design

In basic studies, our areas of expertise include the basics of electronics, analogue electronics, EMC, practical electronics design and measurement skills, and project work.

Our laboratory has also been a pioneer in utilising project learning in basic studies. In addition to their studies and project work skills, our student teams have produced myriad products, including portable music devices and electric race cars for their own use.

Our laboratory has the versatile electronics expertise needed in product development and scientific study and the experience and tools for building, simulating and testing devices.

One of our strengths is diversity and knowledge of the various application areas that are needed in modern electronics design.

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