Studies in of Applied Electronics

Studies in applied electronics are intended for students interested in the design of electronic devices and systems, or for those who wish to work as electronics experts.

Our laboratory currently produces more than ten Bachelor of Science in technology and graduate engineers each year. Additionally, our post-graduate education on average produces one Doctor of Science in technology annually.

Long Traditions in Electronics Design

The teaching of applied electronics started in Lappeenranta at the beginning of the 1970s, and the possibility to receive a degree in applied electronics has existed since the mid-1990s.

Electronics engineers graduated from Lappeenranta can be found in design, management, manufacturing, sales and various expert positions around the world.

Upon successful completion of the studies, the student has the information and skills he or she needs to carry out an electronics design project. The student will know the central electronics design tools and can use the basic electronics measurement devices in product development and research.

The student can use the basic analogue electronics components in analogue signal processing and measurement sensor applications, for instance, and can apply modern analogue electronics in designing an electronic device and system.

The student can apply the basic phenomena of electromagnetism in designing the interference shielding of devices and systems. In the optional studies, the student can supplement their skills with digital circuit design, telecommunication and radio technology or power electronics studies.

Studies in applied electronics include basic knowledge of signal processing, digital and analogue electronics, power electronics, radio technology, processor technology, microelectronics, optical electronics, and electronics design and manufacture.

Additionally, the student will assemble the entity that best suits them in the subject matter they desire involving electronics. The studies are supplemented with other studies according to the student's own interest.

We encourage our students to acquire broad-based expertise and select not only studies in electrical engineering but also in other areas of technology and business.

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