Research in Control Engineering and Digital Systems

The conversion of electric energy has become a central part of both modern society and production engineering.

Electric energy conversion with power electronics is the central process in an increasing number of technical systems. New examples of this include electric vehicles, solar and wind energy systems, and the transmission and distribution of electricity using direct current.

Therefore, in the study of energy conversion, it is not only necessary to inspect the electrotechnical aspects, but also the overall system and the requirements it establishes for the implementation of the electrotechnical system.

System View at the Core of the Research

The research at the Laboratory of Control Engineering and Digital Systems emphasises the system view of electric energy systems.

Attention is paid not only to individual phenomena but also to the overall system where central sub-areas include not only electrotechnical phenomena but also total process modelling, the optimisation of the system's energy efficiency and reliability, the system's control technology, and the embedded control technology and software.

Central research areas include the modelling and control of electromechanical systems, optimisation of solar and wind energy systems, and research on the energy efficiency and uptime maintenance of electrically operated systems.

Systemic technical research requires the ability to model and identify subprocesses of a system, the use of control and measurement technology and digital signal processing in monitoring the system's operating state, and the use of embedded software technology in the implementation of system automation.

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