Research in Electrical Drives Technology

The most critical areas of application of the Laboratory of Electricity Application Engineering are electric drives for the industry and distributed power production. The research areas include:

  • electric drives
  • design and adjustment of electric machines
  • power electronics
  • energy efficiency
  • distributed energy production and systems

Examples of the research projects at the Laboratory of Electrical Drives Technology

  • electric energy reclaiming and reuse in mobile working machines (ENTALT)
  • large average-speed drives (part of the Climbus project)
  • concentrated winding permanent magnet machines
  • permanent magnet sync signal generators for wind power use
  • high-speed electric machines
  • management of electric-driven machine system vibrations (SaMeKo)
  • development of synchronous motors together with ABB
  • energy economy of induction motors
  • adjustment technology of SR engines for the automotive industry
  • development of the industrial use of induction heating

Contact Information

LUT School of Energy Systems – Electrical Engineering
P.O. Box 20
FI-53851 Lappeenranta

Tel. +358 294 462 111

LUT School of Energy Systems
Head of School Jarmo Partanen

Electrical Engineering
Head of Department Olli Pyrhönen
Head of Degree Programme Katja Hynynen
Department Secretary Marika Hyrylä