Modelling of Energy Systems

Modelling energy systems focuses especially on multi-phase flows and modelling sustainable energy processes that utilise them. A particular area of application for this field is in the research of fluidised bed technology systems.

The aim is for further research and development of the industrial size combustion, gasification and carbon capture processes.

This area of expertise furthers a better understanding of the processes involved, and with this knowledge develops energy conversion processes that will enable energy to be used in an environmentally friendly manner, economically and reliably.

The field emphasises research where basic and applied research are inevitably intertwined. The wide-ranging research involves basic and applied research under the Academy of Finland, EU H2020 research, and research sponsored by corporations.

The areas of expertise in our education programmes focus especially on flow and thermal modelling techniques.

Areas of specialisation

  • Multiphase flow modelling
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Dynamic process modelling and simulation
  • Power boiler, combustion and gasification processes
  • Multiphase processes for carbon capture


associate professor Jouni Rtvanen
p. +358 400 416 106