Study areas in Modelling of Energy Systems

We offer high-quality Master's and Bachelor's level education in the area of energy systems modelling. In the Master's level education the unit has a role in a minor study module in English called Modelling of Energy Systems, which includes four modelling courses:

  • Numerical Methods in Thermal Engineering
  • Turbulence Models
  • Advanced Modelling Tools for Transport Phenomena
  • Advanced Topics in Modelling of Energy Systems

The aim of the studies is to introduce students to thermal and fluid dynamic modelling techniques in order to gain the necessary skills for modelling energy-related technology applications, processes and systems.

The minor will provide the students with the capacity to model energy-related technology systems at power plants (process calculation) down to individual component modelling (CFD).

The Advanced Topics in Modelling of Energy Systems course focuses on using static and time dependent mass, momentum, and energy balances in energy systems modelling for use in industry.

In Batchelor's level, the unit is responsible for teaching heat transfer courses.