Nuclear Engineering

Safety is the most important factor for the sustainable use of nuclear power. For this reason, nuclear safety is a common thread in education and research in the field of nuclear engineering.

The need for manpower in the nuclear industry is increasing due to new power plant projects. The field has a continuous need for professionals to control nuclear power plant reactors and generators, who can at the same time take into consideration and put into practice nuclear safety in all the subsystems of a nuclear plant.

Our most important field of research in the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory is in thermal hydraulics for nuclear power plants, but we also conduct research in reactor physics, especially in relation to fourth-generation reactors.

Use our expertise in your research

We have conducted experimental work and computer analysis in thermal hydraulics since 1975. Our experimental facilities are used in order to improve the safety of nuclear power plants and the development of safety analysis computer programs. Main tasks are thermal-hydraulic experiments and transient and accident safety analyses.

If you want to use LUT nuclear safety thermal hydraulic infrastructure for your research, contact Heikki Purhonen

You can find our Experiment Data Storage (EDS) here:

We also take part in the national Safety of Nuclear Power Plants – Finnish National Research Programme (SAFIR) together with power companies, VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), and the national Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK. In addition, we are involved in an Academy of Finland research project, as well as a number of EU research projects.


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