Studies in Nuclear Engineering

LUT is the leading university for Finnish education in nuclear engineering, providing education for the majority of Finnish nuclear industry experts. Students may choose nuclear engineering as either as a major or a minor subject. Approximately a dozen engineers graduate in nuclear engineering each year.

The studies broadly address the operation of nuclear power plants as well as the entire nuclear fuel cycle from mining to final disposal. The studies provide a strong theoretical basis in the field, and at the same time, they will prepare the students for demanding pragmatic design tasks.

Graduates will have a good overall command of the thinking behind the operation, safety and reliability of nuclear power plants. Students also have the opportunity to acquire a European industry ENEN certificate by gaining sufficient study credits from international partner universities.

Graduate students in nuclear engineering typically find employment in nuclear power plants, engineering companies, and in the service of various authorities, institutes and research bodies.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy has calculated that Finland needs approximately 2,400 new professionals in the nuclear industry by 2025.

Of the 3,300 people currently working in the industry, approximately 1,200 are soon due for retirement. At the same time, the construction of additional nuclear power plants and spent fuel disposal facilities will increase the manpower needs to about 4,500 people.