Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory

Energy systems are rapidly evolving in answer to the effects of climate change. The use of biofuels as a part of the solution is being researched through their direct or partial combustion and gasification.

In future scenarios, however, it can be seen that due to the balance of energy-producing raw materials, the majority of energy production will require fossil fuels or nuclear power far into the future.

For the reduction of emissions in the use of solid fuels, future solutions for their exploitation are being sought by improving efficiency in energy production and by developing emission-free processes.

The strategic areas of expertise at the Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory include energy efficiency and energy markets, as well as scientific computing and modelling of industrial processes.


The laboratory research equipment includes:

  • Chip-powered Stirling Engine
  • Biomass boiler
  • Flameless combustion HITAC research hardware


professor Esa Vakkilainen
Tel. +358 40 357 8684