Research at the LUT School of Energy Systems

Broad-scoped research is essential in the pursuit for new energy-efficient solutions. Our School's objective is to achieve an in-depth system-level understanding of the transition to a carbon-free energy system, and its economic, environmental and technological factors and the factors that influence its competitiveness.

Areas of research at the LUT School of Energy Systems include energy engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering and mechanical engineering.  Our research covers the technologies and systems required for the production, transfer, distribution and use of energy from manufacture and fuels all the way to energy consumption.

Our School's strengths include an in-depth understanding of energy systems, digital design and manufacture of machinery and equipment, as well as demanding welded metal structures.

Our expertise forms an entity that is in line with lifecycle-thinking, and takes design of new applications, material choices, technological solutions and their environmental impacts, manufacturability, usability and energy-efficiency into account. Management of broad-scoped entities is a key factor in our research.

Our research activities have been the springboard for many global bestselling products and new companies.  The tens of patents we have been granted are also a strong demonstration of our expertise. The LUT School of Energy Systems also coordinates the activities of the multidisciplinary Carelian Drives and Motor Centre research unit (CDMC).

The unit is a centre of expertise jointly owned by the LUT and ABB. The centre's activities focus on demanding, long-term research and product development activities related to electric machinery, electric drives and energy-efficiency.


LUT School of Energy Systems
P.O. Box 20
FI-53851 Lappeenranta, Finland

Tel. +358 294 462 111

Head of the school Olli Pyrhönen
Vice-Head of the school Juha Varis