Research group of Fiber Composite

LUT's Fiber Composite is a unit focusing on composite research, which develops energy and material-efficient refining methods for industrial needs.

The focus areas of the research include various composite materials and the manufacturing and modelling of material-efficient products and energy-efficient manufacturing methods.

Fiber Composites Provide Solutions for Energy and Material Efficiency

The research hardware of Fiber Composite Laboratory enables broad-scale research on the manufacturability of composite materials and their material properties.

Composite manufacturing extrusion hardware tests the raw materials of the future, improves the material composition of existing composites and studies how new products can be manufactured in a more energy-friendly way while better utilising the material.

Versatile material testing and fire testing hardware analyse the material features of the manufactured composite products, thus improving them and making them more fit for their respective purposes.

Examples of the Equipment at the Fiber Composite Laboratory

  • material testing
  • fire testing
  • agglomeration
  • high temperature drying and thermal treatment
  • pressure treatment
  • wood panel manufacturing line
  • CNC machining
  • component manufacturing line
  • blade measurements
  • finger-joint line

For more information:

LUT Mechanical Engineering
Professor Timo Kärki
tel. +358 40 770 8791

Laboratory engineer Marko Hyvärinen
tel. +358 40 590 8471