Research group of Intelligent Machines

Waste virtually – save the real world

The research group of Intelligent Machines carries out research on energy-efficient power transmissions and automation for off-highway working machines and industrial processes.

The research group's areas of expertise include mechatronic machine design, especially uusing virtual technologies and simulators and demanding industrial robotics. The research group has collaborated extensively with industrial and it has participated in significant international research projects, particularly in the field of robotics.

The research group has a spin-off company MeVEA Oy producing advanced mobile working machine simulators for industry and training centers. One of the core activities of the research group is to commercialize its research results through spin-offs and existing industrial partners.

Research Services of the Laboratory of Intelligent Machines for the Industry

  • hydraulic and hybrid power transmission in off-highway working machines
  • simulation of mobile off-highway working machines
  • automation, control systems and user interfaces of mobile off-highway working machines
  • development of demanding industrial robot systems
  • special and working machine robotics
  • calibration and path design of industrial robots

The laboratory has a good measurement and prototype testing capacity for hydraulic systems up to the power of 50kW. The unit can develop entire real-time machine simulators for various mobile working machines, such as forest machines, mining and excavation machines, cranes, etc.

The laboratory has a simulator laboratory equipped with four 3D projection walls, a motion platform with six-degrees of freedom and a system for locating the driver's head. It is possible to incorporate several of the customer's physical control systems into the simulation models using an interface.

The unit also has the capacity to develop special solutions for the programming and calibration of industrial robots. These solutions increase the robot's accuracy and facilitate programming. For this purpose, the laboratory has extensive industrial PC hardware and expertise in programming them.

An International Success Story

The research group has conducted internationally renowned research and developed expertise in its areas of core competence. It has formed an international network and received excellent evaluations in international audits.

The unit is actively seeking the status of a Centre of Excellence of the Academy of Finland as part of the ViDIMS consortium established by LUT and Aalto University's research groups (ViDIMS = Virtual Design of Machine Systems and Structures).

Interesting new innovations

The laboratory already has long tradition in creating new innovations for totally new areas of industry in form of student assignments. In these new areas it is easier to test different techniques while the users are not that committed to the existing ones. As examples of applications are virtual racing and riding simulators providing genuine motion feedback. These brainrich applications are implemented through mechatronics solutions that enable the developed techniques to be applied also to the needs of more conventional areas of industry.

Further Information

LUT Mechanical Engineering
Professor Heikki Handroos
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Research Technician Juha Koivisto
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