Research group of Machine Design

The research group of Machine Design, a part of LUT Mechanical Engineering, is a research unit that actively engages in the development and application of innovative computer aided design and analysis tools. Our mission is to carry out leading edge, high-quality, and internationally recognized scientific research in the field of multibody system dynamics, nonlinear finite element methods, and rotor dynamics.

Collaborating with and providing expertise to a number of domestic and international industrial manufacturing companies to help improve their products and give them a competitive edge, research at the Laboratory of Machine Design remains grounded in the real world.

The research group's toolset has been applied to biomechanical simulations, structural dynamics problems, energy conversion system development, the analysis of rotating structures, and other miscellaneous multibody analysis problems. We have worked to develop wind turbine generators, industrial electric motors, real-time simulators for heavy equipment, and applications that support the prevention of osteoporosis in humans.

In the field of large deformation formulations for multibody system dynamics, the research group from the Laboratory of Machine Design has been responsible for a number of important developments in the absolute nodal coordinate formulation. Since 2004, the team has produced a large number of refereed journal articles and 11 doctoral theses.

Maintaining an international presence, the research team has established close relations with:

Led by Professor Aki Mikkola, the degreed mechanical engineers and Doctors of Science from the Laboratory of Machine Design have an international reputation for excellence and are prepared to achieve at the highest level.

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