Note: The seminars are in Finnish

Air Quality Days – keeping up with climate change

Globally important climate and energy issues lay the foundation for Air Quality Days, a seminar which deals with topics of current interest in air pollution control. The seminar is targeted for experts in climate issues employed within the energy sector and industry, climate researchers, and public officials.

There is an air pollution control equipment exhibition in connection with the seminar, as well as the possibility to carry out postgraduate studies. The seminar is organised annually in August.

National Waste Recovery Days – Latest issues in waste management technology

The national plan for waste management in 2005 was targeted for a Finnish waste recovery rate of 70%. The actual recovery rate was 38%.

The Waste Recovery Days promotes information exchange between businesses, communities and research institutes operating within the waste industry, and introduces new innovations in the field of waste recovery.

A waste management equipment exhibition is organised in connection with the seminar. The National Waste Recovery Days also provides the possibility to carry out postgraduate studies.

The seminar is organised annually in November.

Energy Efficiency Days – Information on the energy efficiency of pumping and blasting processes

Different types of pumping and blasting processes in industry and communities amount to approximately 25% of all electrical energy consumption.

The purpose of the Energy Efficiency Days seminar is to provide insights on the consideration of energy efficiency in pumping and blasting processes and in equipment purchases.

The seminar is meant for those responsible for purchasing in industry and communities, planners, equipment suppliers and those in charge of pumping and blasting processes. All interested in improving energy efficiency in processes are also welcome.

The seminar is organised every two years in late May or early June.

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