Chemometrics refers to the branch of chemical science that makes use of statistical and mathematical methods (especially multivariate methods). It also includes the use of information technology in solving chemical problems.

Chemometrics research and teaching began at LUT in the 1980s. The applications for chemometrics are wide ranging and varied both in an academic and industrial sense.

Chemometrics, analytical chemistry and multivariate processes

The main areas of research in the last ten years have focused on analytical and sampling quality assurance, processing data related to the environment and its protection, and multivariate process control and modelling.

The LUT Chemometrics Group has specialised in the measurement of large data sets and handling correlated variables. Members of the group annually publish numerous articles in international chemometrics, environmental, and analytical chemistry related publications.

The research group's expertise is also utilised annually at many international conferences and working groups. In addition, the laboratory and the Chemimetrics Group in particular have represented Finland at the European wide Chemometrics and Industrial Metrology Institute (VICIM).

Courses to order and consulting for chemometrics

The Chemometrics Group also arranges courses to order upon customer request and offers research projects as an alternative. The group additionally provides chemometrics consulting to solve various problems.

In addition to the courses to order, the group regularly runs two-week intensive courses that aim to familiarise students with experimental design and provide a deeper understanding of sampling and chemometrics.

The courses have been part of the national post-graduate training programmes (e.g. GSCE). The participants are usually experts in various fields in either the service of industry or universities.

The Chemometrics Group is also involved in arranging similar basic courses for LUT. For future intensive course schedules and prices, please ask using the contact details provided on this page. The courses have been taught primarily in English.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contacts are always welcome even for smaller questions!

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