Innovation Management (Lahti)

Innovations and renewal are vital for the success of companies in different fields as well as for public organisations. Innovation management research aims to publish in leading scientific publications, create sustainable competitiveness in industry and service organisations, and generate social significance.

The Innovation Management team's research focuses on the following:

  • Innovation processes and networks
  • Development and application of methods that support managerial decision-making
  • Management of product and service life cycles
  • Promotion of sustainability-oriented innovation activities
  • Practice-based innovations
  • Digitalisation and product, service, and process innovations.

The research team has a long track record in evolving innovation management in collaboration with companies. The business and value perspectives are at the core of the activities in order to guarantee world-class research in collaborative projects. Our most important cooperation partners in research projects are companies that are leaders in their own field, international and national research institutes, Tekes and the EU, and especially the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme.