Membrane Technology

The aim of the Membrane Technology Laboratory is to develop energy efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning, recovery and separation processes for the pulp and paper industry, food industry, metal industry and other sectors.

This can be achieved through expertise and control of the separation phenomena, experimental research and mathematical modelling. Basic research into the understanding of the phenomena and the characterization of the membranes and the separation process are important areas of research for the laboratory.

A well-known international name in membrane separation

The laboratory is the founding member of the European Membrane House research network and has been involved with one EU-funded, three Academy of Finland funded and five TEKESfunded projects (2009-2010).

In addition, each year about 5 to 10 confidential and collaborative research projects are conducted with industry. The research group consists of three post-doctoral researchers, six post-graduate students, two foreign visitors, and on average two thesis students.

Membrane Group research capabilities

The laboratory has about 15 types of membrane filtration equipment at its disposal. The largest of these is a unique automatic 3-stage filter system, enabling versatile trials for industrial filtration, for example for constant flux and constant dry matter content.

The laboratory is well-equipped for membrane characterization and contamination analysis.

Further information and the research group

LUT Chemistry
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Professor Emerita, Marianne Nyström, Ph.D
Associate Professor, Docent, Arto Pihlajamäki, D.Sc. (Tech)
Post Doctoral Researcher Mari Kallioinen, D.Sc. (Tech)



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