Seminar on Mathematical Sciences

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The Seminar on Mathematical Sciences at the LUT University is usually held in room 2411 on Tuesdays at 2pm. Our aim is to bring together computational science with applied mathematics and statistics.

Spring 2019

  • 21.3. Martin Simon (Deka Investment GmbH, Frankfurt), Data-driven stock price bubble detection: A practitioners perspective (1 pm, Lecture hall 2303)
  • 2.4. We have two speakers (2pm, room 2305):
    Otto Lamminpää (Finnish Meteorological Institute): Accelerated MCMC for atmospheric remote sensing
    Aku Seppänen (University of Eastern Finland): Bayesian state-estimation of parameters in general dynamic equation for aerosols
  • 9.4. Mikael Laaksonen (LUT University): Spectral Methods for Uncertainty Quantification and Applications to Stochastic Eigenvalue Problems (2pm, room 2411)
  • 16.4. Jonatan Lehtonen (University of Helsinki): How to remove atmosphere in ground-based optical telescope imaging? (2pm, room 2411)
  • 7.5. Tatiana Bubba (University of Helsinki): Learning the Invisible: Limited Angle Tomography, Shearlets and Deep Learning (2pm, lecture hall 1325)
  • 21.5. Ashvinkumar Chaudhari (LUT University): Numerical Study of the Impact of Forest and Atmospheric Stratifications on Wind Energy (2pm, lecture hall 1325)

Autumn 2019

  • 2.9. Jenna Ritvanen (Finnish Meteorological Institute / LUT): Wind shear detection with Doppler weather data (16.15, Lecture hall 3307)
  • 24.09 Dr Abdu Mohammed Seid (Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia):  (14.00, Lecture hall 1345)
  • 8.10 Prof Andreas Hauptmann (University of Oulu, Finland) : Learned image reconstruction for large scale tomographic imagin (14.00Lecture hall 1325)
  • 27.11 Teemu Härkönen (LUT University) : Estimation of spectroscopic features (14.00, Lecture hall 1444)
  • 3.12 Remo Kretschmann (LUT University) : Generalised Modes in Bayesian Inverse Problems (14.15, Lecture hall 2411)
  • 10.12 Jonna Tiainen (LUT University) : Research in energy conversion, turbomachinery and high-speed technology (14.15, Lecture hall 1345)