Autumn 2024

  • 03.10. Pavel Zemcik (Brno University of Technology),Recent advances in image processing and computer vision in Brno, room 2411, 2.00pm
  • Next: 26.09. Zhi-song Liu (LUT University), Efficient image / video understanding and generative models, room 2411, 2.00pm
  • 19.09. Janeth Pancras (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania),Investigating the Impacts of Control Strategies on HIV-related Kidney Disease at Different Age Groups, room 2411, 2.15pm
  • 19.09. Maryam Barati Moghaddam (Slovak Academy of Sciences), Application of Inverse Modeling in Water Resources Management , room 2411, 3.15pm
  • 12.09. Marcelo Hartmann (University of Helsinki), Warped metrics for optimisation and sampling in probabilistic models, room 2411, 2.15pm
  • 08.08. Alexander Prechtel (University Erlangen-Nuremberg), Cellular Automata in Soil Science, room 2411, 2.15pm


Spring 2023

  • 13.06. Teemu Härkönen (LUT University), Bayesian Neural Networks for Correcting Spectral Measurements, room 1325, 2.15pm
  • 13.06. Sofia Mäkinen (University of Helsinki), Comparison of the Feedforward and Operator Recurrent Neural Networks for the Inverse Problem for the Wave Equation, room 1325, 3.15pm
  • 06.06. Andreas Horst (Technical University of Denmark), Exploring a posterior with Besov prior through sampling, room 2411, 2.15pm
  • 06.06. Jean Modeste Mushimiyimana (AIMS Rwanda and LUT University), Modelling water reinjection after methane extraction in Lake Kivu, room 2411, 3.15pm
  • 23.05. James Van Yperen (University of Sussex), The observational model: a parameter estimation technique for dynamical systems, room 2411, 2.15pm
  • 15.05. Risto Makkonen (Finnish Meteorological Institute), TBA, TBA, TBA
  • 09.05. Barkat Bhayo (LUT university), TBA, room 2411, 2.15pm
  • 25.04. Philbert Mushumbusi (NM-AIST: Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology), Diagnostics of leaks in water pipe networks,  room 1325, 2.15pm
  • 22.02. Jouni Susiluoto (JPL: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech), Radiative transfer emulation for hyperspectral imaging retrievals with advanced kernel Flows-based Gaussian Process emulation, meeting room 7630, 1.15pm
  • 22.02. Otto Lamminpää (JPL: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech), Gaussian Processes and Mixture Models for Emulation, Inversion, and UQ, meeting room 3310, 3.15pm
  • 07.02. Simon Bilik (Brno University of Technology and LUT University), Industrial anomaly detection and bee colony health state monitoring, room 2411, 4.00 pm
  • 07.02. Toni Karvonen (University of Helsinki), Kernels, RKHSs and Gaussian processes, room 2411, 2.15 pm
  • 31.01. Ling Chen (Southwest University, Chongqing), Neural Networks Based on Forgetting Memristor Synapses, room 2411, 2.30 pm
  • 24.01. Sara Faghih-Naini (University of Bayreuth),  room 2411, 3.15 pm
  • 26.01. Pavel Zemcik (Brno University), Recent research topics – Graph@FIT, room 2411, 2.00 pm


Autumn 2022

  • 08.12. Alexey Kazarnikov (Heidelberg University), Bayesian approach to parameter identification of pattern formation models, room 1325, 3.15 pm
  • 11.10. Lauri Oksanen (University of Helsinki), Spacetime finite element methods for inverse and control problems subject to the wave equation, room 3306, 2.15 pm
  • 04.10. Antti Hannukainen (Aalto University), Compound Krylov subspace methods for parametric linear systems, lecture hall 1325, 2.15 pm
  • 29.09. Petri Clusius (University of Helsinki), FLEXPART-SOSAA, room2411, 4.00 pm
  • 29.09. Juniper Langenstein (University of Helsinki), Effortless Sensitivity Analysis for the SOSAA model, room 2411, 3.30 pm
  • 29.09. Karel Horak (Brno University of Technology), Evolution of Computer Vision Methods in Industry and Traffic in Recent Decades, room 2411, 2.00 pm
  • 15.09. Emilia Blåsten (LUT University), Imaging water supply networks and vocal tracts with inverse problems, room 2411, 2.00 pm
  • 13.09. José Carlos García Merino (Universidad de Extremadura), Polynomial chaos expansion for uncertainty propagation analysis in numerical homogenisation of 2D/3D periodic composite microstructures, room 2411, 2.00 pm
  • 30.08. Roland Maier (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), A high order approach to elliptic multiscale problems, lecture hall 1325, 3.00 pm
  • 17.08. Vesa Kaarnioja (Free University of Berlin), Quasi-Monte Carlo methods for domain uncertainty quantification using periodic random variables, room 2411, 2.00 pm


Spring 2022

  • 22.06. Nadja Ray and Simon Zech (University of Erlangen–Nuremberg), Cellular automaton methods in geoscience applications, lecture hall 1325, 2.00 pm
  • 20.06. Duc-Lam Duong (LUT University), Reformulating compartmental models for infectious diseases in terms of available data for parameter identification, room 2411, 3.00 pm
  • 09.06. Michael Boy (LUT University / University of Helsinki), Secondary Organic Aerosols – sources, impacts and potentially LUT cooperation, lecture hall 1325, 3.00 pm
  • 09.06. Felipe Uribe (Technical University of Denmark), Prior models for edge-preserving Bayesian inversion, lecture hall 1325, 1.00 pm
  • 17.05. Hanz Cheng (LUT University), Complete flux scheme for variable velocity fields and applications to compound systems of equations, room 2411, 3.15 pm
  • 09.02. Matt Moores (University of Wollongong), The Annealed Leap-Point MCMC Sampler (ALPS) for multi-modal posterior distributions, lecture hall 7339, 11.15 am


Autumn 2021

  • 17.8. Sahani Pathiraja (University of Potsdam), A new class of control type sequential Monte Carlo filters and their approximations, 2.15 pm, lecture hall 1325
    Jana de Wiljes (University of Potsdam), Contributions to High Dimensional Nonlinear Data Assimilation: Theory, Algorithms and Applications, 3.00 pm, lecture hall 1325
  • 24.8. Ernst-Jan Camiel Wit (Università della Svizzera italiana), The perils of heroic modelling of COVID-19 clinical data, 2.15 pm, lecture hall 1325
  • 7.9. Angelica M. Castillo (GFZ - Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum, Potsdam; and University of Potsdam), Reconstructing the dynamics of the outer electron radiation belt by means of the standard and ensemble Kalman filter with the VERB-3D code, 2.15 pm, lecture hall 7339 (Recording)
  • 14.9. Zheng Zhao (Aalto University), State-space deep Gaussian processes and related topics, 2.15 pm, lecture hall 2305 (Recording)
  • 28.9. Christian Clason (University of Graz), Convex relaxation of hybrid discrete-continuous optimization problems, 2.15 pm (Recording)
  • 5.10. Tim Jahn (Universität Bonn), On the regularisation of linear inverse problems under unknown noise, 2.15 pm (Recording)
  • 12.10. Shuai Lu (Fudan University, Shanghai), Data assimilation from a viewpoint of regularization theory, 2.30 pm (Recording)
  • 26.10. Juha Vierinen (University of Tromsø), Some selected estimation problems in space physics,3.15 pm, lecture hall1325
  • 2.11. Eero Saksman (University of Helsinki), On the convergence of Hamiltonian Monte Carlo, 2.15 pm, lecture hall2305
  • 16.11. Aretha Teckentrup (University of Edinburgh), Convergence and Robustness of Gaussian Process Regression, 2.15 pm
  • 30.11. Simon Weissmann (University of Heidelberg), Continuous-time analysis of the ensemble Kalman inversion, 2.15 pm
  • 7.12. Pedro Nardelli (LUT University), Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory, Methodology and Applications, 2.15 pm, room 2411
  • 21.12. Radek Marik (Czech Technical University), Collapse of Civilizations: Towards Measurable Assessment, 2.15 pm, room 2411