Process Intensification and Micro-Process Technology

Process intensification is currently one of the most important trends in chemical engineering. It aims at making manufacturing processes more efficient.

The new intensified processes are radically smaller in size and are often safer and friendlier to the environment, and they save energy. Innovation is key in the field of intensification. Innovation is key in the field of intensification.

It is not a question of small process improvements such as computational optimisation, but a whole new range of application solutions.

A pioneer in micro processes

Micro process engineering is process intensification taken to the extreme. In this field, production processes take place in a very small space, for example within 50 μm sized flow channels. The benefits achieved through technology on this scale worth mentioning include a reduced footprint, easier to control process conditions, and increased safety.

Although small flow channels impose restrictions on capacity, a highly significant portion of chemicals made in the EU could be produced in micro reactors.

LUT's Chemical Engineering Department is actively involved in process intensification, both in the development of methods and in practical applications. The micro process engineering department can be regarded as a pioneer in Finland.

The main areas of research in intensification and micro processes

  • Process intensification and micro process engineering are the laboratory's main areas of research.
  • Hydrometallurgy, in particular the extraction of metals, is one of the ongoing research topics. The research includes both experimental work and modelling.
  • Development of new unit processes, such as the process of carboxylic acid recovery through extraction.

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