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Created 2.2.2024
Updated 12.2.2024

Carbon handprint – a promising approach to indicate positive environmental impacts

Carbon handprint is developed to showcase the greenhouse gas emission reduction between alternative solutions, ideal for companies that have proactively invested in improving environmental performance. – By Anni Tuppura, LUT University

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From footprint to handprint for a sustainable world

The world we live in is in change, providing rapidly changing requirements for companies across industries and geographies. – By Michael Hanf and Katri Behm, VTT

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Climate objectives and how carbon handprint relates to them

Increasingly, companies are setting climate objectives to achieve carbon neutrality or net zero. What do these targets mean in practice, how can they be achieved, and are they sufficient? – By Noora Harju and Esko Salo, VTT, and Olli Helppi, LUT University

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