Kaisa Grönman

Kaisa Grönman
Associate professor
Sustainability Science
LUT School of Energy Systems
Research areas
Environmental Engineering
Ecological Modelling


Kaisa Grönman works as a post doctoral researcher in the department Sustainability Science.
She has graduated as a Doctor of Science (Tech.) in 2013. Her dissertation examined the development of sustainable food packaging systems specially in regards of avoiding food waste. In addition to the thesis-related projects considering food packages, she has worked in various initiaves concerning life cycle thinking and modelling, waste management and design for environment. Most recently she has been focusing on developing methodologies for environmental impact assessment. Kaisa Grönman was one of the key researchers in creating the carbon handprint approach to assess the positive climate impacts of products. Prior to that, she co-developed the nutrient footprint methodology. In addition to research projects, she has gained experience in teaching and acquiring funding.

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