LUT University Curious people alumnitapahtuma

The year 2024 has been addressed as a major election year, and simultaneously, new technologies make the spread of manipulated images and videos easier than ever. Could there be a more timely moment for the discussion on disinformation?

In the last Curious People alumni webinar for the academic year 2023–2024 Social sciences University Lecturer Anna Rantasila focuses on disinformation and its impact on politics and public discourse.

Anna Rantasila is a University Lecturer in Communication science at LUT University. Before joining LUT, she worked at Tampere University’s faculty of Information Technology and Communication Science. Her research interests include emotions in social media and news, journalism and AI, and Japanese popular culture. Before embarking on an academic career, she worked as a journalist.  

The webinar is in English. Sign up by 20 May 2024.


16.30 Welcome to Curious People Alumni Webinar, Päivi Mäkitalo, LUT Alumni Relations

16.35 Disinformation - Discussing politics and publicity in 2024 
Anna Rantasila, Social Sciences, LUT School of Engineering Sciences 

17.05 Questions from the audience

17.20 Closing words, Päivi Mäkitalo, LUT Alumni Relations