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In the first alumni webinar of autumn 2023, we will focus on the usability of mathematical and computational models in real-world practical challenges, such as the predictability of pandemics. Helping to predict the spread of infectious diseases and inform the decision-making of public health services. In recent years, and even now, a very current topic. 

Miracle Amadi works as a research teacher at LUT in the Computational Engineering degree program. Her dissertation won The Finnish Inverse Problems Society’s award last year.

The webinar is in English. Sign up by 15 October 2023.


16.30 Welcome to Curious People Alumni Webinar, Päivi Mäkitalo, LUT Alumni Relations

16.35 Utilizing mathematical and computational tools to address real-world problems and to make a positive societal impact: Infectious disease modeling, Miracle Amadi, LUT School of Engineering Sciences

17.05 Questions from the audience

17.20 Closing words, Päivi Mäkitalo, LUT Alumni Relations


Webinar recording

Curious people alumni webinar - Post doctoral researcher Miracle Amadi

You can watch the webinar recording also on YouTube. 

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