Jamie Hyneman
Event dates

JHC Spring Seminar 2024

When: Wednesday, April 24, 2024, starting at 12:00
Where: Lappeenranta campus, main lobby

12:00 Plenary lecture (also in the main lobby) Jamie Hyneman: How to do anything
Making, building, doing, conceptualizing, whatever it is… This is how you do it.

12:45– Speaker presentations, LUT and LAB students
Coffee bicycle, front-wheel-drive bicycles for pleasant long distance riding, intelligent networked waste bins, router lift, portable hangovermeter, street lamp shade, Blue Guardian - a multifunctional water pollutant treatment intelligent navigation robot, array navigation robot prototype

Visual presentations: Plexibeats, Kide Audio Genuine, Herätysvalo, PEWS - Piezoelectric Walking Sticks, and Hynebot 3.0 for the Jamie Hyneman Center

Everyone is welcome!