Event dates

Teemu Härkönen, Master of Science in Technology, will defend his doctoral dissertation in the field of Computational Engineering at LUT on 12 June at noon (Finnish time), in Auditorium 1318 and online. His dissertation is titled Sequential Monte Carlo and stochastic processes in spectroscopy. Associate Professor Joris Bierkens of Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, will act as opponent. Professor Lassi Roininen of LUT University will act as custos.

Library information: The dissertation has been published in the Acta Universitatis Lappeenrantaensis research series number 1137 of the university. ISBN 978-952-412-085-2, ISBN 978-952-412-086-9 (PDF), ISSN 1456-4491 (Print), and ISSN 2814-5518 (Online).