Kuvassa sähköauto latauksessa, LUT-yliopisto perustaa sähköisen professuuri LUTin Lahden kampukselle
Created 4.10.2021
Updated 4.4.2022

LUT University will establish Finland's first electric transportation professorship in Lahti. Its aim is to harness the most recent research data for corporate use.

"A significant reform in electrical engineering and electric transportation systems is only starting.  The university's mission is to ensure that Finland has enough research and education based expertise in electric transportation systems," says Dean Olli Pyrhönen of LUT University.

Along with the professorship, a new Master's programme entitled Electric Transportation Systems will start in Lahti in autumn 2022. It will suit both Finnish and international students and can be completed alongside full-time work. Pyrhönen assesses that a related Master's programme in the field of mechanical engineering will be a possibility as resources increase in the future.

"The studies will be arranged in English with the purpose of attracting a wide range of students to the Lahti area and, as a long-term goal, bringing skilled workforce to the area," Pyrhönen continues.

The professorship is funded by the City of Lahti and businesses and foundations in the surrounding Päijät-Häme region. Olli Pyrhönen points out that this investment would not be possible without outside support. Establishing the professorship and its research group for a five-year term will require roughly five million euros. The dean wishes to thank all of the investors and the City of Lahti, which has pushed to promote development in this field.

Also Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti, is happy about the new initiative. It is especially important to the city that the university and local businesses collaborate.

"Lahti is the European Green Capital, and we are looking boldly into the future. Lahti has a significant electric transportation cluster with over 30 businesses. It is boosted by research, development and collaboration with experts in the field," Pekka Timonen says.

The professorship is funded by Kempower, the Sustainable Lahti Foundation, the City of Lahti, the Lahden Teollisuusseuran Säätiö foundation, Lahti Energia, the LSK Group, and the PHP Säätiö foundation.


    • The current global transportation system based on fossil energy produces over 15% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.
    • The EU is aiming for the electrification of transportation over the coming decades.
    • The electrification of transportation requires significant changes to vehicle technologies, charging systems, electricity distribution, and related information technology.
    • The transportation technology reform requires new expertise and creates a demand for new technology.

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