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Updated 11.5.2022

LUT Universities is organising a volunteer day to encourage its employees to do charity work and promote sustainability. Participants will be cleaning hiking trails, doing landscaping in the Sammonlahti wetland area, and taking seniors out for walks.

"We will also offer online exercise because not all people of an advanced age are able to go outdoors. Our sports coordinator and well-being counsellor will arrange the online sessions. In addition, a post-doctoral researcher from LUT University will read poetry in Finnish and Russian," says Minna Sutela, Director of HR and Finance.

The volunteer work will take place during working hours in Lahti, Lappeenranta and Mikkeli. Also staff members living in other cities will have a chance to contribute. For example, people in Hämeenlinna will be tidying up a disc golf course.

"We want to foster our employees' well-being and sense of community and the common good. Concrete campaigns such as this prove to people that they can promote social and ecological sustainability. You do not always need extensive research projects – donating your time is also important," Sutela analyses.

Sutela herself will be helping seniors go out for some fresh air in Lappeenranta.

President Turo Kilpeläinen of the LAB University of Applied Sciences will be volunteering to clean a beach.

"I recently calculated my own carbon footprint and am aiming to reduce it significantly by 2030 by focusing on my consumption habits, mobility and energy solutions. I feel that I can help our higher education community reach its sustainability goals by rolling up my sleeves," Kilpeläinen states.

The volunteering day is part of LUT Universities' work for sustainable development in its stakeholder networks and on campus. COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines will be taken into account in the volunteer work.

Volunteer day partners: Lappeenranta Region Environmental Office, Siskot ja Simot volunteer organisation, City of Lahti environmental services, Omaoloinen arkielo project, Lahti Diakonia Institute, Viherpalvelut Hyvönen Oy, Mikkelin Vapaaehtoistoimijat volunteer network.

Volunteer day 1 October 2021 hashtags: #yhteistähyvää #commongood #vapaaehtoistoiminta #volunteering #volunteering #UniLUT #LABfinland

More information:
Minna Puroharju, tel. +358 50 574 8096, minna.puroharju@lut.fi


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