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The second joint application round of Finnish universities ended on 27 March 2024. LUT University offered 591 places in its Finnish-language bachelor’s programmes in Lappeenranta and received a total of 6,601 applications.

The most popular bachelor’s progammes were business, industrial management, computer science, and energy technology.

“We are especially happy that the number of applicants with our technology and business programmes as their first choice has increased. More and more applicants are aiming specifically for LUT,” says Jaana Sandström, vice rector for education.

Technology and business programmes have their own the joint admission systems, which are part of the national joint application procedure for universities. Programmes with joint admission have the same admission criteria. Technology programmes fill 80 per cent of their available places through certificate-based admission, which means admission based on prior academic records.

In business programmes, up to 60 per cent of places are filled through certificate-based admission. LUT’s social and communication sciences programmes also fill 60 per cent of their student places based on certificates. 

Entrance examinations are for applicants who were not admitted based on their certificates. Applicants who have been admitted to one of their secondary programme options based on their academic record may still pursue a place in their preferred programme by taking an entrance examination.

All students admitted to bachelor’s programmes are automatically entitled to continue their studies in master’s programmes in technology, business and social sciences.

In the first application round, which ended in January, Finnish applicants had the opportunity to apply to English-language bachelor’s programmes. The number of Finnish applicants increased 163.6 per cent from the previous year.

Bachelor’s programmes in technology

The eight bachelor’s programmes in technology that were included in the application round attracted 2,883 applications. Last year, the number was 2,662.

1) industrial engineering and management (2023: 754, 2023: 617) 

2) computer science (2024: 444, 2023: 437)

3) energy technology (2024: 407, 2023: 392)

4) mechanical engineering (2024: 405, 2023: 359)

5) electrical engineering (2024: 294, 2923: 263)

6) chemical engineering (2024: 266, 2023: 261)

7) environmental technology (2024: 188, 2023: 208)

8) computational engineering (2024: 125, 2023: 125)

Bachelor’s programmes in social sciences

LUT received a total of 649 applications to its social sciences bachelor’s programmes.

1) social sciences (2024: 387, 2023: 533)

2) communication sciences (2024: 262, 2023: 270)

Bachelor’s programme in business administration

The business administration bachelor’s programme attracted a total of 3,069 applicants. Last year’s figure was 2,726.

Joint application to Finnish-language bachelor’s programmes in spring 2024

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