Hannes Velt

Post-doctoral researcher
Business Studies
LUT Business School
LUT Focus Areas
Business and society - Sustainable renewal of business, industry and society
Research areas
Business and International Management


I am an international entrepreneurship researcher contributing to the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems. The emphasis is to support such complex adaptive systems to boost commercialization of technology into innovative products and services towards building a more resilient and sustainable future. I am driven by the true potential of the ecosystem research field advancing international entrepreneurial activities, and the possible impact I can make, including:

1. Creating awareness of the system’s complexities and measuring its vitality.
2. Enhancing and promoting entrepreneurial action and mindset.
3. Assisting entrepreneurs in navigating their unique surroundings.
4. Supporting internationalization and global value creation.

I have been successfully active in the academy and industry, and I find it highly significant and motivational to align the theory with practice and vice versa. It is essential to use my research competences developed in academia and apply it to the industry context to create common value for everyone involved – university, industry, government and the surrounding society, among others. In more precise, I have the drive and skillset to work on complex multi-level projects and deliver their objectives accordingly. I have practical experience in project management and a good sense of details to tackle the current challenges we face in these turbulent times.

"There is nothing we cannot achieve, there are only things we do not dream about"

"While solving the puzzle of life, I enjoy each piece at a time."