Mariam Abdulkareem

Mariam Abdulkareem
Post-doctoral researcher
Sustainability Science
LUT School of Energy Systems
Research areas
Environmental Engineering
Ecological Modelling
Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment
Waste Management and Disposal


Mariam Abdulkareem works as a Post Doctoral researcher in Sustainability Science and Solutions department at LUT university. She has been a teaching and research staff since 2018. Currently, her research focuses on identifying and providing sustainable solutions for waste management systems.

Mariam graduated as a Doctor of Science (Tech.) in 2021. During her doctoral studies, her research focused on environmental sustainability of geopolymer composites. By revealing system-specific hotspots, she provided alternative sustainable solutions to support the development of an environmentally sustainable geopolymer composite.

In addition to research, Mariam also mentors, teaches and supervises post graduate and PhD. students. She has given practical classes on life cycle assessment modelling in the Advanced course in life cycle assessment from 2020 - 2022. She is also currently one of the responsible teachers for the Climate change course, Basic course in environmental technology and Solid waste management technology course.

During her career thus far, Mariam has been a visiting researcher to ETH Zurich where she investigated using multi-objective optimisation method for different precursors in a geopolymer composite mix design for two regional settings. Mariam has also participated in research projects including a European regional development funded project called Urban Infra Revolution (ended 2020) and an EU Life IP Project called CIRCWASTE (ending in 2023).

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