Sanne Bor

Sanne Bor
Post-doctoral researcher
Business Studies
LUT Business School
Research areas
Sociology and Political Science
Strategy and Management
Industrial relations
Business and International Management


Sanne Bor holds a PhD in Management and Organization from Hanken School of Economics (2015). Her research focuses on inter-organizational collaboration, and particularly works to apply her insights in situations where collaboration is essential to solve the big societal challenges we meet in today's world. She has a special interest in meta-organizations, organizations of organizations, and works to develop theory to understand this type of organization better, but also actively supports the growth of this research community by organizing conference tracks and seminars on the topic (EGOS 2019, 2021, 2022 and BAM 2019). She also serves as chair of the Special Interest Group on Inter-Organizational Collaboration at the British Academy of Management. She likes working in multidisciplinary research settings. She has previously been involved in the strategic research council -funded project COllaborativeREmedies (2017-2021), introducing collaborative tools in solving environmental challenges. Currently, she is project manager for LUT's part for the strategic research council - funded project PackageHeroes (2019-2023). She currently is co-teaching the MIBE courses Dimensions of Entrepreneurship Theory and Melting Pot of Entrepreneurial Competencies.

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