Ville Lahtela

Ville Lahtela
Post-doctoral researcher
Mechanical Engineering
LUT School of Energy Systems
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Ceramics and Composites
Polymers and Plastics
Materials Science (miscellaneous)
Materials Science


Ville Lahtela is a Post-doctoral Researcher in the research group of Fiber Composite, LUT University, Finland. He received his doctoral degree from LUT University in 2016. During PhD studies (2013 to 2016), he studied the modification of wood material and various composite research, such as using recycled raw materials as a part of wood-polymer composite (WPC). After PhD degree, he has focused into the circular economy topics, such as reutilization and recycling of materials.

As a post-doctoral fellow (2017 onward) in LUT RE-SOURCE  and LUT SCI-MAT research platforms, his research focus is in the development of resource efficient material utilization. The main aim of the latest researchs is to find out novel mechanical separation processes that achieve a new level of raw material efficiency and enabling the cost-efficient, as well as sustainable use of waste as a resource.

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