Today's public sector institutions face a number of challenges that are not different to the most organizations: resources' shortage, digitalization, cost pressure, data management, communications, hybrid type of work, supply change disruptions etc. Nevertheless, weak modernization skills, lack of readiness and flexibility for technology shift, slow and low-quality innovation management and inability to adapt modern technical solutions are obstacles for the improvement of public services. They are typically conservative, cannot afford any risks and therefore tend to keep using conventional way of doing things rather than to look for a new one. The project develops solutions, processes and practices to help public organizations to foster innovations. The project forms positive innovation management practices in BSR by the piloting of scalable extended reality (XR) technology implementation and hackathon organization that both bring positive and measurable outputs for investment attraction, communications and other public services. At the methodological level the project activities also include the generalization of the experience, knowledge transfer and lessons learnt dissemination. The result is given the form of the roadmap for successful innovation management in public sector in the form of manual, handbook and hybrid training course. The project builds new partnerships and capacities, creates good practices for dissemination in the BSR.


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Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme



The project is to facilitate the implementation of modern, flexible and innovative approaches to local public services and economic development by scalable digital AR/VR/XR solutions. The intention is to define interlinks between planning, implementing, testing the solutions making them ready-to-use by local public authorities and infrastructure and service providers, starting with the project partnership and scaling to other municipalities in the BSR. The above-mentioned activity (pilot) is used to formulate a Roadmap for public institutions to implement XR, as well as many other advanced technologies, for public services. The roadmap takes the form of manual, handbook and digital training course for Innovation management. Local public authorities and Infrastructure and service providers are the first group of institutions that will create the path for wider public use of XR solutions and other advanced technologies. Planned tests with participation of the representatives of the target groups are identified as an input to the guide to others to do so.

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