Project activities

Within the three acceleration cohorts a total of 96 scale-up companies will be supported (32 per cohort) and out of these 96 companies, 48 will scale up. The project will implement open seminars and events, where a broader audience of companies is reached and upskilled in order to provide knowledge about the 3BL methodology. The project provides unique acceleration for scale-up companies both from the 3BL methodology perspective, as well as the regional set-up: scale-up companies are specifically scaled in another CB country in order to help the companies to establish a better presence outside their home market.

Results planned

The “Baltic Impact Accelerator” project will achieve the following results:

  • At least 720 (unique) companies reached
  • At least 480 (unique)company applications received
  • 3 cohorts implemented with 32 companies per cohort
  • 480 individual trainings within the project provided to companies
  • 3 joint cross-border collaboration events (1 per cohort)
  • 3 demo-day events (1 per cohort)

DEMO DAY of the first cohort on 20.6.2024 - More info and registration

Demo Day


Project period:

Project funding:
Interreg Central Baltic Programme, co-funded by the European Union

Project Website

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Over 36 months, the project will implement an accelerator program that:

  1. Develops new business models with a focus on 3BL
  2. Helps to establish a presence outside home markets
  3. Supports raising investments for accelerated growth and
  4. Nurtures consortiums and partnerships among companies