In this research project, the properties and characteristics of different refrigerants and their applicability for high-temperature heat pumps are investigated. Design and losses of heat pump cycles, heat exchangers as well as heat collection methods will be investigated. In addition, the design and losses of efficient heat pump compressor units based on high-speed technology will be investigated. These investigations will cover the compressor aerodynamic design, electric motor design, magnetic bearing design and rotor dynamics. The effective integration and operation characteristics of high-temperature heat pumps as part of larger energy systems, such as district heating networks or producing process steam, will be investigated and analyzed.


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The goals of the project are to develop analysis and design methods, as well as to find new technological solutions for high-temperature heat pump systems. Industrial scale high-temperature heat pumps could replace heating systems based on combustion and using fossil fuels for example in district heating networks and in producing process steam in various industrial sectors in the future. The heat collection from air is also investigated as it is a low-cost heat source that is widely available. The goal of the project is also to strengthen the competitiveness and market share of Finnish heat pump industry in fast growing global heat pump markets.

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High temperature heat pump seminar 16.11.2023

This open seminar is related to project “Development of Next Generation Large Scale Heat Pump Systems (NEXTHEPS)” funded by Business Finland.

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