Imaging and sensing challenges are encountered in various applications in society and industry. For example, advanced cost-efficient solutions in imaging, diagnostics, and therapeutics are needed to enhance healthcare and ensure equal access to it. Non-destructive testing methods are lacking in the materials and process industry, where the ability to monitor and control targets without causing interference, is highly desirable both to safety and energy efficiency and to sustainability. Similar challenges are also encountered in environmental applications such as monitoring of biodiversity, exploring groundwater resources, and predicting effects of climate change. These and many other timely applications of imaging and sensing fall into the category of ill-posed inverse problems, where applying specialised techniques developed within the realm of inverse mathematics are needed to address them, relying on models and methods of applied mathematics and physics.

Doctoral Education Pilot for Mathematics of Sensing, Imaging and Modelling (DREAM) will educate experts in a diverse and multidisciplinary setting, encompassing applied mathematics, physics, engineering, and applied sciences. We bring together experts on fields of FAME Flagship and train the next generation of professionals to answer the needs of both industry and society.

FAME Flagship is a collaborative consortium encompassing eight universities and research institutions in Finland: University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Aalto University (AU), Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), University of Helsinki (UH), University of Jyväskylä (UJ), LUT University (LUT), University of Oulu (UO), and Tampere University (TAU). FAME boasts a team of 40 distinguished researchers serving as its Principal Investigators (PIs). DREAM enhances FAME by adding new research themes and expertise through 33 new PIs experienced in various fields, including biomedical signal and human motion analysis, AI-based embedded systems, biophysical modelling and geophysical exploration.


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LUT University opens 14 3-year positions starting 1.8.2024 – 1.1.2025. 

Recruitment process for the open positions starts soon.

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