The operating model is created together with educational authorities of Lappeenranta city. Three comprehensive school are piloting the operating model and teaching staff of these schools are participating the development process by taking part workshops aimed at the creation of the model. In addition, students and local entrepreneurs are involved the creation process in workshops. This project is linked to the following documents: the strategy of Lappeenranta city, South Karelia Regional Plan and Entrepreneurship education strategy of Southeast Finland. 



  • The Entrepreneurship Education Path operating model will be built in South Karelia.
  • The entrepreneurship education path operating model will be piloted in selected Lappeenranta schools.
  • We strengthen the planning of entrepreneurship education, commit different actors to the planning and implementation of entrepreneurship education, and share expertise between different actors.
  • Guiding and engaging South Karelia's companies in entrepreneurship education cooperation with schools.
  • Cooperation between schools and companies will be increased.
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