The ESF+-funded consortium project includes 11 partners. The total project budget for the years 2023-2027 is approximately 10 million euros. The goal is to strengthen national and regional ecosystems that support social entrepreneurship and find opportunities for the growth of both business and social impact.

The task of the LUT Business School team is to

  1. Integrate the insights from academic knowledge and networks into the national ecosystems.
  2. Develop tools for social/sustainability impact evaluation/accounting.
  3. Develop systematic data collection and analysis of Finnish social enterprises and impact driven businesses, including international comparisons.

This will enhance the social enterprises’ capacity to combine financial viability with sustainable impact, and support evidence-based innovation policy.


Project period:

Project funding:
The European Social Fund Plus (ESF+)

Co-funded by the EU


The goal is to increase social entrepreneurship by improving the business opportunities of these companies and to increase the business skills of entrepreneurs. Increasing social effectiveness assessment and effectiveness competence is also central when developing both the business opportunities and growth goals of social enterprises. In addition to the overall purpose of the project is to generate new information about social enterprises, the goal is also to increase awareness of social entrepreneurship.

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