The VALVE project promotes the responsibility skills of SMEs. The demands and expectations of responsibility are directed at SMEs to an ever-increasing extent from many different parties. Customers, partners, and employees expect responsible actions. In addition, a lot of legislative work promoting responsibility is being done at the EU level.

Responsibility work requires the acquisition of new skills but improves the employer image and offers competitive advantage and new business opportunities at the same time.
In this project, an open online course on comprehensive responsibility is built based on a survey mapping the responsibility skills and needs of South Karelian SMEs.



The goal of the VALVE project is to

  1. offer the opportunity to develop responsibility skills through an open online course,
  2. solve the sustainability challenges of SMEs together with students and experts at the Responsibility Clinic,
  3. promote networking between participating companies and students and build bridges for future careers within South Karelian companies,
  4. build a network of responsible organizations in South Karelia, which will help deepen the cooperation between the various actors and improve the ability to find responsible actors in the region.

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