Sustainable energy use of bioenergy as a safeguard of security of supply in the energy system


The bioenergy research group investigates methods to make the production and use of forest-based bioenergy more cost-competitive, and how to improve the security of bioenergy supply and the sustainability of procurement.

The goal of the research is to support decision-making when switching from fossil energy sources to emission-free and renewable forms of energy production. Bioenergy will also be seen as an important part in the future, especially in heat production and the electricity produced in connection with it, as well as other bio-based products with the capture and use of carbon dioxide (BECCU) in cogeneration plants. In addition to externally procured fuel, the circular economy in the utilization of local by-products is seen as a significant research target.

The research group uses modeling tools in its research, such as geographic data analysis (GIS), simulation (ABM), and life cycle assessment (LCA) and technical-economic analysis (TEA) methods, as well as regional economic impact assessment. To support the modeling, real information is collected from the supply and end-use sites, utilizing various data collection methods.


Research areas

  • supply logistics of biomass for energy use
  • sustainable supply of biomass
  • availability of biomass and development of security of supply
  • improving the quality of biomass for energy use
  • utilization of digitization in the supply and use of biomass
  • regional economic effects of biomass use
  • biomass circular economy systems
  • integration of bioenergy into the energy system
  • regional energy balances and carbon neutrality reviews



Group members


  • Suur-Savon Energiasäätiö
  • Suur-Savon Sähkö
  • Etelä-Savon Energia
  • Savon Voima
  • KSS Energia
  • Haminan Kaukolämpö
  • Imatran Lämpö
  • BioSairila
  • MetsäSairila
  • Mikkelin Kaupunki
  • Mipro
  • SKAL
  • Koneyrittäjät ry
  • Miksei
  • Encore Ympäristöpalvelut
  • UPM Metsä
  • Metsä Group
  • Metsäenergia Meter
  • Inray
  • Lämpösi
  • Suomen Metsäkeskus
  • MTK
  • PTT
  • LUKE
  • Helsingin Yliopisto
  • Metsäteho
  • Ponsse
  • ProAgria
  • Reijlers
  • XAMK
  • Esedu