There are two mainstreams in our industrial asset management research: working capital management and industrial maintenance management. We have studied and published doctoral dissertations of our two mainstreams on topics like:


Working capital management:

  • Impact of working capital on profitability
  • Working capital management in value chains
  • Measures of working capital
  • Working capital management models

Industrial maintenance management:

  • Flexible asset management
  • Value of industrial maintenance services
  • Optimal life-cycle management of maintenance
  • Management of maintenance business networks
  • Maintenance knowledge management
  • Value of fleet data in the ecosystems of asset management

Our core competences and future interests cover topics like:

  • Asset Management in Business Networks and Ecosystems
  • Tools for Ecosystem Collaboration
  • Life-Cycle Knowledge and Cost Models
  • Digitalization of Engineering Assets
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Cost and Benefits of Data Analytics and IoT

Group members


Towards successful maintenance service networks - capturing different value creation strategies,

Modelling the value of fleet data in the ecosystems of asset management,

Identifying working capital models in value chains: Towards a generic framework,



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