Entrepreneurship research group conducts wide-ranging research, education and development work on the different topics of entrepreneurship. The main themes include entrepreneurship education, ownership and entrepreneurship. 

Over the years, the research group has conducted several unique research projects related to entrepreneurship. For example, team carried out a large-scale national entrepreneurship education survey (Ysimittari in Finnish). The survey examined the entrepreneurial potential of adolescents. 

In addition, the research conducted in the team focusing on ownership strategies, governance, ownership transfers, and family business groups have gained a strong position within the national and international research forums.


Research areas

  • Entrepreneurship education, management of entrepreneurship education, teachers’ entrepreneurship education practices and the development of individual entrepreneurial potential.
  • Entrepreneurship, family businesses, family business groups.
  • Ownership, governance, ownership strategies, ownership structures, ownership transfers,  innovative ownership.


Group members


  • Suomen yrittäjät, EK, Perheyritysten liitto, Boardman, Omistajanvaihdosfoorumi, Muorten yrittäjyys ja Talous NYT ry, Valtakunnallinen YES ry, Opinkirjo, Etelä-Karjalan Kauppakamari, Suomen 4H-liitto. 
  • ESADE Business School, Spain
  • Jönköping University, Sweden

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